CBD Oil – Complete Fibromyalgia Relief

CBD Oil is all the rage now in the medical community because of its phenomenal success in the management and treatment of disorders and diseases that used to be of no cure. Most of these conditions aren’t just lifetime burdens to the patients diagnosed with it but they make living doubly harder too as it poses many limitations on the things they can or cannot do. It is hard to imagine what their lives are like unless you experience the symptoms for yourself but why put yourself and your health in grave danger when it can be avoided, or for those who already have it, be treated and even possibly cured.

Introduction to CBD Oil

CBD Oil has been around for a while now. Cannabis itself where it is derived from has been here for ages and the rest of humanity aren’t such big fans back then. It’s because the marijuana that we used to know is laden with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is not only addicting but triggers a lot of psychoactive effects that mess with a person’s brain and make them see and do things that are far from normal. Only junkies and hippies took marijuana back then simply because only THC was in it and the whole world can only see the nasty things it does for you as we haven’t been introduced to CBD yet. Fibromyalgia must be studied more.

CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant where recreational cannabis also comes from. The difference is that recreational cannabis is rich in THC while medical cannabis is rich in CBD or cannabidiol, which allows you to enjoy all the good stuff offered by cannabis minus the psychoactive properties and the addictive stuff too that gave it the stigma back then and made this humble weed a big taboo in society.

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The term marijuana itself is a Latin name but it is synonymous with the word cannabis. The part of the plant often used are the leaves and the flowers of the plant but the whole plant can be used when making medical cannabis.

CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a horrible condition that can now be remedied. Before CBD has been sensationalized as a treatment for controlling seizures especially among epileptic patients, there were already studies conducted that showed cannabis may be of help but it was greatly limited by time constraints and strict federal regulations. Fortunately, with the continued lobbying for cannabis legalization, more US states have legalized the farming, sale, and use of cannabis either for recreational or medical cannabis.

Roughly 150,000 Americans get an fibromyalgia diagnosis annually. Studies say that your chances of having a seizure attack in your lifetime are 1 in 26 people. Fibro in itself aren’t dangerous but the complications that may arise after are depending on the person’s age and the circumstances when the attack happens. You can possibly sustain a serious injury, which is why these attacks must be prevented whenever possible.

What causes a seizure?

It is actually a sudden rush in the brain’s electrical activity. It is like a surge of electrical impulses that radiates to your muscles resulting in twitching or convulsions. Possible reasons why seizures happen are:
• Head injuries and brain tumor
• Low oxygen during birth
• Low blood sugar or sodium levels
• Stroke

However, it does not follow that you already have epilepsy if you experience a seizure attack. It is further classified into generalized and partial.

Epilepsy Treatment

Current epilepsy treatments are often directed to the management or reduction of seizures or attacks and palliative in nature. Prescription drugs such as anticonvulsants are often given to relax the brain’s hyperactive state. But these drugs often have harmful side effects and are just as nasty as the seizure attacks itself. These are:
• Blurred vision
• Depression
• Drowsiness
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Motor and memory problems
• Nausea
• Skin rashes
• Weight gain

The Role of Cannabis

Thanks to the store of Charlotte Figi, the role of cannabis in epilepsy treatment has gone viral. Charlotte is a young girl who stopped laughing when she was five and suffered from 300 grand mal seizures weekly. With CBD’s help, it reduced to a whopping 3-4 times monthly. The result was so phenomenal that the once hopeless family even relocated to Colorado to avail such a treatment. Their success story is also what prompted many more families to relocate to this state to help sick children and loved ones get a new lease on life like Charlotte. Many of them are actually epileptics that ultimately benefited from the supposed anticonvulsant properties of cannabis.

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Seizure Control With CBD

The active component CBD or cannabidiol is the main reason why medical cannabis is gaining recognition among medical experts. Even doctors prescribe CBD to their patients nowadays because the anectodal proof of its health benefits can no longer be ignored.

There is also another study supporting the anticonvulsant properties of CBD that was previously published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Children and teens diagnosed with a rare and genetically-acquired epileptic disorder known as Dravet Syndrome experienced a substantial reduction in seizure attacks. A separate study conducted in the Children’s Hospital Colorado showed that patients experienced a significant reduction in seizure attacks.

The proofs are there that the use of CBD oil has a positive impact to epilepsy patients and has proven to reduce the number of seizure attacks for the most of them, which is why more states have no legalized medical cannabis to allow greater access for those who badly need an alternative natural remedy to conditions like epilepsy that modern medicine wasn’t able to do much for. You can’t blame the parents if they would rather take the risk of giving their child a once controversial substance but now phenomenal medical wonder than to see their kids suffer because of some untreatable affliction they are meant to endure for life. You can only relate if you are a parent to a child who has epilepsy, for instance, because that’s when you can finally realize why they do the things they do. After all, CBD oil has enough proof and testimonials as to its efficacy as a treatment for epilepsy, so it is up to you and your doctor to decide whether taking CBD oil has benefits that far outweigh its possible risks.